Inheriting velocity of parts below while jumping

I’m currently trying to make a system that allows the player to jump around on a moving platform and stay above the platform. This somewhat recent change allows the players to inherit the velocity while they are standing on the platform, but not while they jump.

My current method is raycasting down (on heartbeat) from the humanoidrootpart-hipheight and detecting if they are on a part, if they are not I need to apply some sort of velocity. I can’t do HitPart.Velocity+HumanoidRootPart.Velocity because that will infinitely increase while they are in mid-air. I’m wondering how other people have done this, such as Jailbreak with the trains.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?



There’s a pretty recent post talking about how jailbreak’s train system works with jumping that might answer your question Jailbreak train platform system?

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Thank you! I tried searching but I guess not specifically for jailbreaks system.

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