Inheritor / 3d Model - Sci Fi Armor -

what’s the max image size on this site? 4K versions wont upload, 1920x1080’s at trillion colors or 16 bit will not upload either. I have to downsize/downgrade every post…

anyway, this is the start of a sci fi armor set series.


It’s giving me a GUNGNIR helmet / MJOLNIR body vibe.
Did you mean to do that?

Fantastic armor set you’ve done here! :slight_smile:

Love the render!

Very good, though the breast plate and back could use a bit of detail job, same with face plate. However this is a wonderful armor set. How many tris?

That’s so clean I can’t even put it in to words

2,298 Polys
2,792 verts
I don’t see a tri counter in 3ds max

I didn’t intend for it to be game ready, nor high poly uber 3d model lol,
in between just to showcase.

I did manage to make a high poly, I already unwrapped. Today I am texturing it. I wonder if you can bake all substance painter maps into a single diffuse channel. ROBLOX doesn’t support normals, AO, gloss, etc

full res: MTF 10 Tailed Fox by Kidveggito on DeviantArt


Oooh Nice, that looks amazing!