Innovation Inc. Skyscraper - Rules, Information and Credits

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Innovation Inc. Skyscraper

An unofficial fan game by StarCitadel and Boi_3pic





These rules will likely change as the game matures, send constructive feedback to @StarCitadel


A - Bannable Offenses
Punishable by a permanent ban from the game

B - Offenses
Punishable by temporary suspension, muting, demotion or exile from group

C - Captain Rules
Rules regarding Security Captains

H - High Rank Rules
Rules regarding members of the upper ranks of Innovation Inc. Skyscraper


Section A - Bannable Offenses

A1 - Violation of Roblox ToS - Failure to follow the Roblox Terms of Service will result in a permanent ban.

A2 - Exploiting - Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

A3 - Repeated Offenses - Repeated offenses from Section B may result in a permanent ban.

Section B - Offenses

B1 - Blocking Controls - Purposefully blocking controls that impact the game.

B2 - Bug Abuse - Purposefully abusing bugs. If you notice a potentially abusable bug, you are advised to report it to us.

B3 - Harassment - Harassing another user is, of course, not permitted. Punishable by a mute and potential ban.

B4 - False Report - Purposefully sending a false report.

Section C - Captain Rules

C1 - Command Abuse - Abuse of captain commands will result in demotion and, if severe enough, a ban. Misjudging a situation will not count as abuse, however if “misjudgments” are frequent enough, a demotion is likely.

C2 - Unnecessary Wall Post Deletion - Deleting wall posts unnecessarily will result in demotion.

C3 - Mass kicking/mass deleting - Mass-kicking players or mass-deleting wall posts will result in demotion and a permanent ban.

Section H - High Rank Rules

H1 - Command Abuse - Abuse of administrative permissions will result in demotion and a possible ban.

H2 - Other Rule Violations - Violating rules in section A and B will result in demotion and punishment depending on the specific rule violated. Rules C2 and C3 also apply to high ranks.


Information pertaining to the game.

Staff Application Template

Hello, I would like to apply for [Insert Role Here].

Here is what I have experience in:
[Development, moderation, etc.]


Note that we have roleplay rank names in the group.


@StarCitadel - Building, some scripting
@Boi_3pic - Scripting, some building (aint that combo funny)
@TheDiamondDude2344 - Building, Modeling



Game Moderators


@claire6125 - Game art (work in progress)
Innovation Inc. - Original logo
@StarCitadel - Recolor
My dog, Molly - Puppy Placeholder

And all of you!

or whatever cheesy garbage im supposed to say