Innovation Ocean Facility

Hey DevForum! I have been working on this game for a little under 4 years and was wanting some feedback on my rebuild. I have completely rebuilt the facility from the ocean floor :wink: up over the past couple of weeks, and need some feedback along with more decoration ideas for the game. There are still a couple of areas under construction.

Photos (Game Thumbnails)

(These are the best photos I can get right now, I have an unstable internet connection during the day.)

Additional Information

The Innovation Ocean Facility is an undersea futuristic laboratory located in the Atlantic Ocean. The facility was built to study Ocean life, genetics, and Fusion Energy. There are three safe zones during the flood of the facility, the Bunker, the “Ocean Man” submarine, and Building 2.

This is not the only Innovation Game! There are many others, and this is just a part of the group!
The main inspirations for my Facility:

Scripting Stuff (WIP):
I use an old, laggy Laptop, so these are not added yet but are upcoming features. I’d like thoughts on these as well. I’m also not the best at scripting, so don’t be surprised if you find questions from here on the Forum.

1 - The Reactor Core will be able to fail, causing the facility to lose power, air pressure will fall, and the lab will begin to flood, players must escape to one of the 3 safe areas in the facility… (I have already made this, it’s just not inserted)

2 - A map will be added as a GUI to help players easily navigate the game easily.
(Decal for the map is a WIP)

3 - Zombies and Innovation Security Disinfectors. I have not been able to find any tutorials or help on this, it will most likely be one of the questions asked later on.

Game Link:Innovation Ocean Facility - Roblox

Please give honest feedback, I want to make this game look good and be fun! :sunglasses:


It’s very good! The new revamp makes it even better! Well done and keep up the great work! :smiley:

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Hey Bloximus!

I tried the game, I think its great just a few suggestions;

  • Maybe try changing up the help NPCs a bit (like different hairs etc.) so it looks more detailed.
  • The teleporter next to spawn teleports you to a random place.

Its a great game, and as a OG I remember this :stuck_out_tongue: (images)

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Hey Pqkle! The teleporter will lead to the oil rig that will be added soon! And thanks for the feedback! (And being an OG :wink:!)


Hello again!

The game is getting close to hitting 40k and I’ve started redecorating the recent rebuild of the game. While you visit (If you do) please consider that I’m still building and redecorating a lot of the facility. You’ll be able to tell the newer decor from the older stuff.

What I have now

Around the facility, I have started mixing in some different materials, added trusses, wire, etc. Here are some photos of the more decorated areas.

(Sorry about this 1st screenshot, it was taken by a friend.)

The photos above are the best representation of what I’m trying to go for in the facility. I want to still have this light gray metal as the main color throughout the facility, but don’t want things to be too empty. Anyway, on to my question.

What is the best way to decorate?
While I still like my decoration, I’m always looking for ways to improve. What do you think the best approach to decorating for this style game would be? I’m always looking for feedback!


Innovation Ocean Facility:
Innovation Ocean Facility - Roblox

Reference games:
Innovation Arctic Base: Innovation Arctic Base - Roblox

Thanks for reading!

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