Insanely awesome high quality game, need thoughts on gameplay and design!

Hello everybody, we’ve just released a first version of the Demo to our game.

Hate’s Uprising 2 Remastered is a cool great game, I generally want some opinions on the game’s progress that is in right now so far.
I generally want some good suggestions in terms of design and gameplay, maybe some silly ideas, you know.


Tried out the game it’s really cool!:ok_hand:


In terms of game design, do you think it needs something in order to improve perhaps? Thanks for your opinion. :smile:


Hello your game is very well made. Only thing I would suggest is maybe proximity prompts for the shops and fights. Players don’t automatically know to click on them.


Thanks for the idea, we’ll think about it, generally thinking about some other stuff in terms of design, but we’ll prioritize on minor stuff like that later on! :+1:


Played your game, and I have some remarks, as well as suggestions and bugs!
(Read text before images, top to bottom).

  • A tutorial of some sort is most needed for the game, it can be confusing for Players who are trying your game for the first time.
  • Right off the bat, we have a screen which I assume are save slots. Try adding a title for the screen so the Player knows what to do on this screen.
  • The hovering effect is pretty clean, but will this affect mobile players? Is there an alternate way which mobile players are able to see the effects of the hearts?
  • Should probably include a little notice for Players to turn their volume up for the best experience, since I can see very intricate background music, effects etc, and it’ll be kind of wasted if Players have their volume muted.
  • You can add a gradient or just a different colour for the respective buttons when the Player hovers over the Accept/Dec line button, to make them more recognizable.
  • When exiting the beginning GUI with “selecting your souls”, you should add an effect for the GUI to darken, then fade away to the Player’s screen (don’t have any other ways to describe this).
  • Like what @iGiDgames said, ProximityPrompts would be useful for letting Players know about clickable props/items, like the book at the spawn.
  • Not a very big bug, but you should add a debounce of some sort when a Player enters a new area. Entering and exiting an area can cause some text to overlay.
  • Personally, the speed of the Player should be decreased and replaced with a Sprint ability instead for the realism.
  • The font nor the stand of the “conveniently places store” doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the game. Perhaps make the NPCs sit on rocks or something.
  • Instead of the Player falling and the screen showing the night sky, you should probably create a more detailed death animation for the Player. Feels slightly jerky for now.

I was not able to fully explore your game, but the ambience and sound effects were really good, and fitted well with the game, which is really great! Hope you’re able to further develop on this game, as it has some potential to become popular!


This is intentional as it does make the instant sound of decision being made more than the game being an abnormal cutscene.

Not really the idea we’re looking for as it will affect future problems as people complaining about some little bit of detail in bugs that felt like it was buggy on the menu.

Some… enemies might be incredibly loud and some users already have their volume high, it’s their own personal choice on what sort of volume they’d like. We could encourage to use headphones for the best audio experience perhaps.

Not really a mobile user, but it is certainly a good thought, I’ll keep that in mind to check later if it actually is like that.

The save slots were just made this update and they’re very new and not a lot was yet added onto it. But we appreciate the idea on what to do with it.

We believe players are fine without a tutorial as the game’s path is just straight forward to the enemies. Also, since it is a Deltarune/Undertale game, people would get the idea of what they should do in it.



In our belief, we believe it’s good as it is. Walking long would be boring to the players either way, that’s why we also added save points to it.

The store might be improved further on as it was more of a rushed part of the game due to unexpected changes of the design to it.

Death animations probably possible, there’s also animations to dying which can be purchased with a gamepass, but other than that the night sky and etc. we cannot help it since the player has been eliminated, but we can probably find out a way to make it better.
Players have their own time based respawn time since a person could be lagging(I highly doubt).


This looks great but if I were you I would recommend adding some nature such as bushes, ivy vines, or even just small thins that pop.


I think the game & its environments are great!


Thanks @minecraftwolf1978 and @itsthehomieaj , we’ll make sure to think of these ideas, and we appreciate the honest well thought opinions on the map. :+1:


As a Deltarune/Undertale player, the attacks are tough to dodge because of the sheer size of the soul. Reducing it would help out a lot.
The starter enemies take a long time to beat and the reward is not satisfactory.
Allow the players to gain armor/weapons from traversing the map instead of setting a high price on them in the shop and making it virtually impossible to buy them (you get about 10-20 gold from a single battle, and the items cost up to 400!)


The game is under a Demo, it is clearly obvious not many weapons will exist since Ruins only exist, but we’ll introduce more weapons to the game further on when the game updates.

As for the cost, I don’t see the issue here with the prices, it is clearly obvious the game is not supposed to be THAT easy to get mere stronger weapons instantly and makes you require to put an effort to it to get them. There’s some other simulators like Undertale Legacy Mania that focuses on that angle of farming method. We will take it into consideration in case community demands it in the future.

In terms of soul size, I’ll think about it, as we never really had that thought, thanks.


I love the look of the game, however the combat does feel very slow and the turns could go by faster. It would also be good if we had an option to skip dialogue


Skip dialogue is already a thing.
I believe combat is fine as it is currently though I do appreciate the feedback.


Thanks for all your thoughts on our game, we’ve recently have made some upgrades to our games like Save Files, Map extends, Map improvements, New Enemies, Skins, New Music, etc.

Hopefully we can get some opinions again regarding some of the aspects.
Also as a small change, we added a Scamton Camera setting that changes the camera to be on your back like in the fight against Scamton.

We also added and threw in an accessible chill area for users which just wanna goof around and peek around secrets devs made.

Since some skins aren’t fully released to be obtainable, here’s some examples.

Wyvern Scythe (Weapon)
Wyvern Scythe

The Explosive Creep (Skin)
Creepa Hammer

some two skins

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