Insert Object menu is illegible

The “Insert Object…” menu is totally illegible. The names and icons of objects are incorrect or not loading properly.

This image says it all:

Recently, I noticed that sometimes if I close and reopen Studio, different words are scrambled up.

Relevant specs:

  • Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit
  • Studio version 0.439.0.407878 64-bit
  • NVidia GTX 660 graphics card

Thanks for the report. A few follow up questions:

  1. Does anything look weird with the “Whats New?” Window (Top Right of Studio)

  2. Is this replicatable consistently if you restart Studio?

  3. Did this behavior start happening as soon as you opened Studio, or did it begin displaying improperly during a session.

If anyone else is currently having this issue, and sees this please let us know, so we can confirm this is not a unique case.

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  1. Everything in the “What’s New?” window looks fine.
  2. It consistently happens when I restart Studio.
  3. It starts happening immediately

Are there any errors in your console? Can you follow the Bug Report Requirements’ instructions and send your log file privately to the mentioned group?

There are no errors in the console.
Here is a link to the DM with the log file:

I have this issue too. It might not be as long as it is for you but I still get these weird coded names for titles. I can read the objects but not the headings/titles. I have a Mac running the latest version of MacOS Catalina

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Thanks for the responses meguy and ActiveFrenzy. We are still investigating the issue to try and understand the cause. In the mean time, uninstalling and reinstalling Studio may fix the problem.
Also if possible ActiveFrenzy, can you post a screenshot of what your insert object window looks like?


My friend told me his object inserter looks like this:

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Thanks for all the replies, can anyone who has been having the issue confirm that this began on Wednesday? Meaning you used Studio on Monday/Tuesday of this week and the InsertObject Window was displaying ok?

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This issue started happening for me right after Studio updated at 9:55 PM Wednesday.

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My friend said:

“It started 7-7-2020 and it also deleted all my plugins”

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Thanks for the help everyone. The Problem has been identified, and fix is underway.
Edit: Window should be fixed now. If you are seeing this issue still please restart Studio.