Insert Object Menu on the wrong monitor!

I am working with two monitors and since an update about two weeks ago, the Insert Object menu appears on the wrong monitor!

My setup:
Primary monitor with Windows taskbar, secondary monitor on which I work with Roblox Studio.
When I call the Insert Object menu (with Ctrl + I or by clicking on the plus icon), this menu appears on the primary monitor. Before the update everything worked correctly (the menu appeared on the secondary monitor)!

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Hmm… the object menu might be able to be dragged then? Either try to drag it or click in the top-right corner (I think) and put it on small mode, then put it back to regular size.

You can open a permanent window via the icon on the panel (No. 1 in the picture!) and also resize it, but that’s not what I mean.
I mean the dropdown menu when you click on the plus icon next to the object (no. 2 in the picture!) This dropdown menu can neither be moved nor resized.


Ah I see. I have two monitors as well, and from my perspective everything is ok.

Interesting! On which monitor are you working with Roblox Studio?
If I work on the primary monitor, which is set as the main monitor in Windows, then everything works normally, this error only occurs when I work on the secondary monitor, which is configured as an extended display in Windows.

OK never mind, with today’s update the error was fixed! Now everything works as it should. Thanks for your effort anyway.

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I know the error is fixed, but in windows you can set the external monitor as the primary monitor, and use that as the primary.

Hey! I’ve had this happen to me a couple days ago. You can reinstall or update and the Insert object UI should automatically be fixed! Hope this helps anyone :>

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