Insert Toolbox broken for Classic Studio

Yes I know Classic Studio is unsupported and will remain that way. But this was one of the only ways to get builds between newer/ older formats of the 2 versions.

Link to classic Studio download can be found on this page if you need it:

This is very important to me and lots of other users, because the current state of Studio 2013 is unusable when it comes to building. It’s impossible to build with the 5+ second (literally) response times from inputs, the crazy non-inputs messing things up, and the tools just feeling unresponsive/ sloppy in general in an environment where you’re getting 1 frame every few seconds.

do what

I’ve never had any issues with 2013 after they fixed all of the crashes a month after it was released. What are your specs?

Quick tip: Disabling Intellisense stops crashing, at least for me.

It’s not crashing, it’s how Studio runs at literally 1 to 5 fps anytime there are parts on your screen. I’m not the only one this happens to, a lot of other people have performance issues with Roblox Studio

I get 60 fps in studio in a place with 20,000 parts. What are your specs?

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