Inserting Anything Other Than a MeshId into a MeshId Property Crashes Studio



Easy repro. I tried this 7 times and Studio crashed in 5:

Describe the bug:

Typing/pasting anything other than an AssetId into the MeshId field will usually crash Studio. The “not valid content location” pop-up will appear multiple times and a crash will follow. If the pop-up appears only once, the session continues as normal. There’s nothing I see dictating if the pop-up will appear once and be fine or multiple times and crash.

I expect that after the pop-up appears, I will have the opportunity to insert the correct information in the field. Crashing obviously doesn’t give me this opportunity.

My Use Case:

With MeshIds and TextureIds, I copy/paste a lot of info into these fields - such as switching out meshes but retaining the position of the asset, or the texture for another texture. I also copy/paste colour and part size info and will often accidentally paste AssetIds into Size fields and vis versa, and due to how often and easy it is to make this mistake, a crash is a high-stakes result.