Inserting Model using .RBXMX

Inserting Model using .RBXMX

In Roblox studio you have the option to save assets as .rbxm or .rbxmx (.rbxm parsed into an XML format). My question is: is there any method I can use to insert the .rbxmx into Roblox on runtime. I have access to the raw text of the .rbxmx which I get from GitHub.

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u just drag the file directly into roblox studio window

Do you mean you want to load the .rbxmx just in the runtime using code?

Yeah I am trying to load the .rbxmx during runtime.

No. I am trying to load the file during runtime. I don’t want to load the file during development.

Hm. I know some plugins can do that, like Rojo. But it’s not that easy, you’ll probably have to write more code so you can somehow translate and covert your model over HTTP. And that’s a lot of pain to make something like that. Do you consider maybe using something like InsertService or using require(moduleId)?

The issue isn’t loading the XML file. It’s inserting the model using it’s data. I don’t want to write a whole program to insert it if someone already has.