Inserting models and editing them?

Hi everyone. Please keep in mind that I am not experienced in the field of building and modelling, so don’t go too hard on me if I did everything wrong. Which I probably did.

There are 2 things I would like to accomplish:
1 - Insert a car model from a website.
2 - Remove the wheels from that model.

You can keep reading for a little more context or jump straight to the replies, it doesn’t concern me.

I downloaded a cool car model off (more specifically this model right here) and downloaded the model into the “obj” and “mtl” files.

I created a mesh-part in Roblox Studio and uploaded the .obj file as a mesh. However, the model is grey and has no texture at all, and I was wondering how I can fix that? I tried uploading the .mtl file as a texture but that did not work.

The second issue I encountered was… I have no clue how to remove the wheels!!!
I can’t leave it on because the car would just be a blob driving around crashing into walls. Any help with this issue would also be appreciated.

Eagerly awaiting your responses,


I don’t think you would be able to remove just the wheels in Roblox. The best way of doing this is opening up blender, and removing it joint by joint (unless they have made them into groups in blender). If they have made it all one model, you will have to remove it joint by joint.

Hope this helped!
Happy Developing

As @MrDurpyy mentioned, there is no way to edit meshes in ROBLOX studio. He also mentioned going into Blender and removing the wheels vertex by vertex, I agree that that is most likely your only option. I would like to add to that, that if you hover your mouse over the wheels in Blender and press “L” on your keyboard, it will select all linked geometry. This should help you with deleting the wheels and would save you a lot of effort as you don’t have to select each individual vertex. Hope this helped!

As of present you are only able to resize and recolor roblox meshes once they are imported into studio.
If you wish to make any alterations to the mesh itself you would have to use 3D modelling software such as blender or other software that supports the file format.

You’d have to color it or use textures. In blender you could probably go into wireframe and just remove the wheels. I would suggest you actually pay someone to make a model similar to this including wheels instead of ripping it from somewhere making small modifications.

Have you any idea how to use the .mtl files?

When working with 3D models exported as OBJ’s, you will often have 2 files. Those being the OBJ file and the MTL file. The OBJ filed contains the mesh data and is the one you’d upload to ROBLOX. The MTL file contains information regarding the textures. I don’t think you can upload the MTL file to ROBLOX, to export your textures from Blender to Studio, you should bake the texture. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to do that, such as this one: