InsertObject for multiple selections

Something small but really useful that I’d like to see added to the studio is the possibility to insert a certain object into multiple instances at once. For example, right now I have to select each part individually in order to insert a CylinderMesh into my Parts. If you try to use the ‘Insert Object’ instead button when you have multiple Instances selected, you get the following error:

The ‘Basic Objects’ window is also emptied with multiple selections which indicates that this suggestion is or used to be undesired behaviour. I’d be great though if we were able to insert a CylinderMesh or other objects in all of those instances at once as it makes the building process easier.

I know this might cause some issues if you have multiple selections of different instance types, but in that case it could be made so the object is only inserted into the selected instances with a ClassName equal to the first instance that was selected.

Also, my apologies if this is already implemented in the RibbonBar. I’m still using SystemMenu.


It’s not, and I’ll second this for being something that would be really great to have in studio.

Every time I run into this issue I’m always surprised that this solution is not in place.