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Hello, I created a plugin called 3D library on Roblox. But I am using a host like GitHub that gives me a table with model IDs. But I can use InsertService for Roblox’s assets (on toolbox) or just for my assets. There is a solution for insert an asset into studio? I’ve searched on DevForum but I can’t find any solution for that.

Probably you guys will say this: just move your models into plugin and your problem will be solved, yes, I know this solution, but I don’t want to publish new version every second or every day.

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As long as you own the assets they can be inserted I think

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I’ve writted it, on

local success, Error = pcall(function()
--insertservice being used

err: temp read failed or this asset not trusted for this place

just printing it on output

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found solution;


someone find this topic try this ^^^

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