InsertService:GetFreeModels returns all sorts of spam models

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While trying to test an insert from InsertService, I ran into the GetFreeModels function. I became a little excited when I saw this. This code


looked very interesting.

Although this is great on the surface, it actually just returns a table of spam. When I type nothing into the search query, I get all sorts of spam models from “h0nda1337.” Then, typing in “door” would result into a page full of models named “Door Door Door Door Door Door Door Door” and many of them seem to be made by 2 creators.

GetFreeDecals() doesn’t even show as much spam decals as the Toolbox. And apparently, the Toolbox doesn’t show these spam models at all. But how?


you know there is alot free model with the name like “ADOPT ME CAR ADOPT ME CAR” right, so it’s common to see spam models

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But again, searching up “door” in the normal Toolbox would give you normal door models (even some endorsed ones!)

Then, searching up “door” in GetFreeModels() would give you this:

The toolbox shows all the models quickly without showing any of the spam ones.

You must sort it by sales, favorites and likes to prevent spam.

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Thanks, I will try that later.

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Actually, GetFreeModels has the parameters of nothing more than the search query and page number, so how would I even do that?

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This is intentional as far as we know. The Toolbox seems to very specifically show certain models while GetFreeModels doesn’t have those same implementations and just returns, as intended by design, a list of free models. Same case with plugins: you won’t see (or mostly shouldn’t see) spam plugins in the Toolbox but you will see them if you search in the library.

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You can make a script that uses Marketplaceservice:getproductinfo, and change the script to make it get the amount of sales, favorites, likes. If the likes or sales or favorites < ex. 20 then

I can’t find anything about the Toolbox that could define how it filters or sorts models.
I’m not sure, but I think maybe the spam models all being made by two creators might be a key. The spam models I’m currently looking at were all made by 2 creators. Maybe there is a system that detects how many models are made by one creator, and if there are too many, it will filter them out? I’m not sure.
Also, I’ve noticed that the spam models all have the same thumbnail. Maybe the Toolsbox is detecting that? I’m not sure.

I’ve tested this on models and decals, and it seems to only apply to models.

So, how does the Toolbox filter out all these spam models?
How can I filter out these spam models as well?


I have been working with the InsertService and was getting the same spam models. You can filter out the spam models by calling GetFreeModels with the filter “recommendedonly=true” or by manually checking the model’s IsRecommended property.

Where is the documentation for the IsRecommened property? I can’t find it anywhere.