InsertService:LoadAsset(id) is not loading in Models

Just randomly during a live server, this function call just stopped working. Like at the Start of the server it worked, and loaded in a Stadium Model from my inventory. But, about an hour later, when it was time to switch out the Stadium, The function just returned a Model with no children, and is doing this for all my Servers currently atm.

This is the model it is trying to load: NP9 - Roblox

Although it won’t load any of my models for me.


Its everyone, complaining about 403 errors.


I can’t even load my Models in Studio using this method via Command Bar.

Innovation Security’s training facility isn’t working anymore due to this. Same goes for my test place.

Note: Model has to be private to return a 403 error.

Same, I can insert a Public Model of mine, but not a Private Model of mine. I can’t make all my models public. :confused:

Yep, can confirm - my game no longer works because of this. :confused:

Working on resolving this. Sorry about the problem; looks like there was some change that intended to fix free model insertion on RCC in some cases but instead broke private models.


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