Inside the Featured Games Program


Hi, I’m cbmaximillian, the bum behind Operation Scorpion.


Hi, I’m Pikalyze. This was from a few years ago when applications were handled through the featured games email.

What game did you work on?

I worked on Identity Thief, a game inspired by Town of Salem/Possession:

What was your role in the project?

Main coder/map designer/ui design. Any outside maps also ran through my editing/changes before it went in.

What month and year were you featured on?

Not certain about exact dates but it was around March 2016, even have a random reddit post panicking about it.

What have you learned during the time you have been featured?

Bugfix hard before you release a project. Identity Thief was incredibly buggy while it was featured, coming out with probably 100+ bugs that I never knew existed until people started playing.

What is your twitter?


I am Kevo1ution, the creator of Evo1ution Games.

The game that got featured that I worked on was Block Battle (November 2018). It’s a game where you build your own fortresses with the goal of eliminating all other teams. I scripted, made UI, did some building, etc. I have a great team of builders that I oversee to make sure we keep producing quality weapons and maps.

For analytical data, I recommend aiming for 15 minutes average play time with a 1 Robux:Visit ratio. This makes your game competitive to even some of the top games out there.

My twitter.


Hey, I’m AhsanVII.

I made Acceleration Rush, a fast-paced level based game. It was featured twice with a 2-week break in between, once for Tablets, and once for Mobile devices.

The featured opportunity gave my game a huge boost, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

You can follow me on twitter here;


Hey, I’m CodeSleepRepeat!

I recently released a game called Obby Rush – it’s a round-based obby game where your main objective is to beat the chosen course within 90 seconds. It was recently featured on phones and that helped us tremendously!

  • What game did you work on and please link the game as well?
    Obby Rush

  • What was your role in the project? (building, scripting, etc.)?
    Everything – except for building and a bit of GFX

  • What month and year were you featured on?
    November 13th - December 11th, 2018

  • Share any analytical data you have collected from the featuring period (optional)
    Ranked 274th by gameplay time in November – enough time to span 24+ years
    Peaked 1.4K concurrent players
    2M+ plays in under a month

  • What have you learned during the time you have been featured? (optional)
    Being featured is great and helps a ton, but to get the most out of it, you should make sure to stay on top of everything. Obviously it’s best to make sure your game is in as much of a bug-free state as possible, but if bugs occur, try to fix them in a timely manner as you’re going to have lots of unsatisfied players if not.

    Aside from that, making sure to push updates while being featured is another huge plus. Listen to the feedback the players give and try to incorporate their ideas. This makes them feel part of the game and makes for more money – I mean satisfied players.

  • What is your Twitter (optional)?