Inspiration for group icon needed

@Andrevk26 and I recently decided to work to work together so we made a new group: Complexity. Now the time has come to design a suitable icon, but neither Andre nor I have an idea how. We really need some creative ideas :confused: Any advice is appreciated :grin:

Thanks in advance

Your Complexity Team


I just checked out your group - Complexity and I now know it is a developer group/gaming studio.

My idea: use Sans-Serif font in capitals saying “COMPLEXITY” with a game controller as its icon.I personally suggest going for a yellow-red scheme in my opinion.


I made an Icon with @SivanujanRBLX ‘s Idea

What do you think ?

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When I design logos, I usually think about the word as well as the background. If the group is called complexity, try and make the word complex, without it impacting on the readability. Maybe having polygonal text? Just an idea!

Edit: background as in background of the logo itself (ie. what the client wants)


Maybe have a cube and under it Saying “Complexity” and the cube has all different colours for the face and the cube is on an angle?

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Yea this was what I was also thinking about. I think darker colors would fit more, what do you think?

I don’t think it fits to the group theme. I think something like @younite’s idea would include the name more, wouldn’t it?

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Would suggest making the text kind of overlap.

like si

Would demonstrate, but I’m out right now lol

I suggest having red or bright orange as your main color

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