Inspire Studios is looking for developers!

Inspire Studios Recruitment

What do we want to develop?

We are in the development of Sword Simulator, and we are looking for developers, capable of fulfilling our expectations.

What You Should Keep in Mind

1.have professionalism in your duty either scripter, builder, modeler
2.have good communication with the team
3.respect team decisions

You can see Group Inspire Studios:!/about

About The Job

We are looking for people scripter, builder, modelers, GFX, Animators, etc, but to take into account you have to be professionally respectful, hardworking, and that is qualified to do your duty


We pay according to your role
Scripter: We offer about 2K robux, but you is can negotiate
Builder: We Offer about 1.5K robux,but you is can negotiate
Modeler: We Offer about 1.2K robux,but you is can negotiate
Animator: We Offer about 1K robux,but you is can negotiate
GFX,ICONSWe Offer about 900 robux,but you is can negotiate

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord:
You must be 14 years or older to apply.

Thanks for devote time to publication! :slight_smile:


I think you meant 900 instead of 900K there


Thank you for the correction :smiley:

Are you looking for a composer by change if so I would like to apply- DevNetCheese's Portfolio (Composer) For Hire!

What kind of buildstyle
And is the payment per asset?

Contact me In Discord
to talk about a possible position :smiley:

the payment is not Asset
if you want to apply a position contact me at discord

Your paying the animator half the amount as the scripter? this sounds messed up and needs reconsideration. Unless the game will be having an absolute ton of animations it shouldn’t be worth anything near to half a scripters’s pay.

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in the payments section it says “It is negotiable”
thanks for write in the publication :smiley:

It isnt messed up that the animator gets half the amount of the programmer thats pretty normal. I would suggest he would pay more then 2k for a coder to code a whole game tho.

thanks,I’ll keep it in mind :slight_smile:
if you want me to get you a position,
contact me in discord :slight_smile:

I would love to help with translations from english to dutch if you are interested…

What exactly is the payment? Asset, full pay after completed, monthly, weekly, etc.

I sent you a friend request on discord so that we can talk about a possible position.

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