Inspo for Starship?

Does anyone have any inspiration for a Starship?

I’m working a Space exploration game that focuses around a Player and their own Starship as a means to traverse the Galaxy - However I can’t find a fitting design.

Honestly, I’m looking for something both unique and simple - I’m not looking for anything of an extravagant size. This is due to the Player only really using the Ship to transport themselves and their crew.

I’ve been looking at designs such as:

Main issue is creating the curvature of the roof - As I’m not skilled with Blender, I’m looking to create this within studio.

Does anyone have any inspiration, suggestions or concepts?

This includes an idea for the cock-pit and/or main bridge.

Thank you!


Here’s how I would do it. It may not be the best way but it’ll work I guess? lol. I’m a beginner too.
First, get some reference images. Reference Images are really important and useful.

Insert a cylinder and make a rough shape of the roof. Then, add a subdivision surface modifier and shape the roof.

Outer Body:
Model a part of the outer body and then add an array modifier and increase the count. Once you’ve done that, add a simple deform modifier, select bend, and choose the angle you want.

Main Body:
Use loop cuts, bevel, knife project to model the main body or cockpit.

I hope this helps you. Sorry if my grammar is bad. I’m Improving on it.
Thanks! Have a Great Day!