Install and play ROBLOX

For some reason, I get this EVERY time I open roblox studio using the edit button or playing games :confused:
it is so annoying!

I also occasionally get a bug, where it shows me this and then doesn’t even open the game/studio :frowning: Please fix!

Do you have an anti-virus that may be causing this?

It always come, on windows 10, then after a few seconds, it goes away, just don’t click it xD

I do, but I checked and it is definitely set to allow ROBLOX and it, and although it displays this annoying thing every time :stuck_out_tongue: , it usually loads ROBLOX and studio fine - its just occasionally that it doesn’t.

That’s what I do currently lol :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s just annoying!

Happens here too

I think this happens whenever it takes too long to open studio or a game. Not sure though. If it’s the case though, a longer timeout wait might be a good idea.

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Happens to me too. I have no AV.

I’ve noticed this pattern as well.

Happens to me too, it gets annoying. :confused:

Now I can’t open any game at all :confused:

This is still happening :confused: