Installation Gamma Community Guidelines

Installation Gamma Community Guidelines


Our community, as it evolves, will grow and expand overtime. As this is true, in time, regulations and guidelines must be set up to determine the standardized behavior acceptable by all individuals and users accessing our game and interacting with our community.

We want to encourage and invite a friendly, welcoming, safe community free of hate and harassment. As this is true, we have formed our guidelines and regulations around this basis, and in turn, have created a series of guidelines and regulations which we will enforce and encourage others to follow. For the most part, these will be common-sense rules that you will be always following unknowingly. In essence; these rules will be designed to require you to have a conscious decision to violate them or otherwise dissuade a certain behavior.


Our community standards are rather simplistic and maintain a level of sensibility. These guidelines set forth are what we anticipate from you, the player, whilst playing our game. These are designed to make sure everyone is having fun in a safe environment.

To clarify:

Penalty Description
Warning Simple penalties issued to your account for minor infractions that do not majorly impede on the game.
Suspension/Ban Penalties issued for infractions that range from moderate to severe. This, however, is not reserved for all severe infractions committed.
Termination/Permban Penalties issued for severe infractions that may majorly impede on the game and ruin the experience for the players on the game.

[penalty]* = will be applied to all known accounts.

Escalatons are also apart of this system and will occur depending on how many penalties have been issued to the specific player.

The “Active Period” is used to describe the period of which the respective penalty remains attached to the offending user’s account. Each penalty expires appropriately according to the time it was issued.

Penalty Type Active Period Escalation
3 Warnings Same Offense 7 Day Ban
5 Warnings 30 Days 5 Day Ban
10 Warnings 30 Days 14 Day Ban
5 Bans 90 Days Termination

Level 1 Infractions

Infraction Description Penalty
Fail Roleplay The act of doing some unrealistic or insensible in the situation provided. Warning
Disrespect Talking down to someone, insulting someone, yelling at someone, or any other acts which are considered disrespectful or toxic. 1 Day Ban
Advertising Inviting others to play your game, or requesting others to play your game (with the exclusion of asking your friend). Warning
System Abuse Using systems we put into place in a method that they were not intended for. Warning
Sensitive Topics The discussion of sensitive topics, like politics or religion, with or without the intention of inciting discourse. Warning
Misinformation Spreading information that is false with the intent to defame, fearmonger, or otherwise misinform other people. 3 Day Ban

Level 2 Infractions

These warrant higher punishments than Level 1 infractions. Generally are bans.

Infraction Description Penalty
Impeding Staff Obstructing staff from doing their job through any means you’ve determined necessary. 7 Day Ban
Disobeying Staff Failing to listen to the requests or commands of staff. 3 Day Ban
Bug Abuse Using bugs that you’ve encountered to create an advantage over other players or to break the game. 5 Day Ban
Mini-Modding Attempting to become staff when a player has violated any one of these rules without actually being staff. 3 Day Ban
Bootleg Modding Participating in fights to stop them, by threatening to get others banned, pretending to be staff, or submitting numerous reports. 7 Day Ban
Bypassing Bypassing Roblox’s chat filter to send vulgar language or other heinous words. 9 Day Ban
Off-Site Links Sending website links in chat to direct other players off the Roblox platform. 7 Day Ban
Revealing PII Revealing personal information of anyone accidentally (as so determined by moderators). 14 Day Ban
Vulgar Language Using language that the filter may not have censored but is able to be said that would be taken as vulgar under any context. 3 Day Ban
Random-Killing Killing anyone without just reasoning behind it. 3 Day Ban

Level 3 Infractions

Punishments here may maintain the same level as Level 2 infractions or be higher.

Infraction Description Penalty
Impersonation Pretending to be someone else, like ROBLOX Staff, a famous character, or game staff. 14 Day Ban
Framing Intentionally submitting false evidence or a false report to staff to make it appear someone has violated these rules, or otherwise manipulate others into believing someone has violated these rules when no infraction has taken place. 9 Day Ban
Trolling Ruining the experience for any individual by posting any inflammatory, insensitive, digressive, or extraneous (off-topic) messages. 7 Day Ban
Evasion Assistance Assisting someone in the evasion of any moderation action taken against them. 30 Day Ban
Exploiting Loopholes Using loopholes in the rules—or attempting to use loopholes in the rules—to avoid punishment. 9 Day Ban
Encouraging Rule Breaking Encouraging others players playing our game to violate these rules in any manner. 14 Day Ban
Logging Leaving the game when approached by a moderator. 9 Day Ban

Level 4 Infractions

These are severe infractions and will be handled with severe penalties.

Infraction Description Penalty
Adult Content Any form of adult content, be it explicit, gory, or anything similar. Termination
Threats Making threats to any player, be it threats of harm, hacking, DDoS, doxing, or any other malicious act. Termination
Harassment Harassing anyone regardless of reason, by persistently mocking them, making fun of them, following them, or persisting in any other associated harassment behaviors. 90 Day Ban
Evasion Evading moderation by joining the game through alt accounts. Termination*
Exploiting Using vulnerabilities to gain an unfair advantage over other players or to ruin the experience for other players. Termination
Scamming Attempting to, or successfully doing so, stealing property or valuables from others through fraudulent methods. Termination
Blackmailing Using the knowledge of something someone has done that they wish to not have shared to gain an advantage other them. Termination
Illegal Activites Performing or executing illegal activities that violate Federal or International Law. Termination
Doxxing Revealing personal information of any individual playing our game. Termination