Installing a plugin locally on macOS

I’ve been having some issues and need help finding information regarding this. I’m a fair bit new to using macOS so I’m not all that familiar with how things are saved and what not. I need to find the folder to save local plugins on macOS but am having difficulty finding one that may work. I have a plugin I use to speed up the process of building roads I save locally to my computer in .rbxmx format and while I know the folder on Windows, I don’t know where to save it on macOS. I’ve tried saving it under RobloxStudio>Contents>Resources>BuiltInPlugins and RobloxStudio>Contents>Resources>BuiltInStandalonePlugins and neither have worked. I looked under RobloxStudio>Contents>Plugins and found a folder titled qt5 which has things saved in formats I haven’t seen on Windows and don’t believe are where I can save a .rbxmx file in. All help would be appreciated!

Have you tried the Plugins Folder button? It’s in the PLUGINS tab


I brought the .rbxmx file into the plugins folder from that button but it doesn’t seem to have done anything. I checked the Manage Plugins folder and it doesn’t show up.