Instance Converter Module : convert instances to tables, tables to instances and change an instance's class! + more!


Hello developpers! This is my first post for a community ressource but I will do my best to present to you my module called “Instance Converter” and, as it’s name says, it will allow you to convert any Instance to a table and then convert that table back to an Instance, this can be very usefull for a data store saving system to save a build for example.

This module has currently 4 different functions :

  • toTable() - converts an Instance into a table : table
  • toInstance() - converts a table into an Instance : Instance
  • hasProperty() - checks if an Instance has a specific property : boolean
  • convertTo() - converts an Instance to any other type of Instance : Instance

Converting an Instance will also work with it’s descendants, Tags and Attributes. This module hasn’t listed every single property in roblox but you can very easily add some by inserting their name in the listedProperties table at the very beginning of the script, more information is written inside the script.

convertTo() usage example :

- Initial state

- Running the function with the command bar

- Result

The Part has successfully been converted into a MeshPart without any property changed!

If you encounter any issues please send me a message on roblox or reply to this post, I will respond to you as fast as I can!

You can now get this module, for FREE!

:fire::tada:Get module

I hope this module will be usefull to you, thank you for your time reading this, have a wonderful day!