Instance Ignore Globs for the Explorer

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to move about the Explorer. In Studio/Team Create, I have artists completing any number of actions; most of which do not pertain to me or affect the work we’re both focused on completing.

My workflow would be hugely benefitted if there was a way for me to create an ignore list (similar to .gitignore hiding items in VSCode’s file system explorer) to hide Instances in Roblox Studio’s Explorer.

In most cases, this would be any PVInstance who is a child of Workspace and who isn’t under a folder of a specific name. At my studios, we often make sure that Models in Workspace who have “real meaning” (who affect gameplay) are under a Folder that acts as a necessary dependency for the game to be playable.


I don’t need to see ModelA, ModelB, and ModelC. I just want to see the Instances JohnNPC and JaneNPC under GameModelsFolder without the filtering restrictions imposed by filtering the Workspace by the Explorer widget.

Often, the Workspace is full of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of Instances who have no meaning to my job as a programmer. These instances add to the need to scroll, change my scrolling settings so that I can scroll faster, and ultimately just add to wasted time and visual noise in the Explorer.

This feature shouldn’t just apply to being able to filter the Workspace. I’d like to filter out Instances that I never look at twice (but know are there anyways), Services I never use, et cetera. There are plenty of side-steps and ways to solve this issue, but if these were effective, all-encompassing solutions, a feature like this wouldn’t exist elsewhere in the industry.