Integrations from Roblox to Discord

Hello Robloxians, so I am trying to integrate my data from Roblox to Discord, I am using this for an anti-cheat system so it is a live ran thing. But I can not figure out how to do it due to Roblox blocking Integrations with Discord.

I was curious because I see many people still doing it, I don’t know if they do Proxy’s or manages separate websites with a POST request.

My current script doesn’t run:

local JSON = game:GetService("HttpService")
local Webhook = "" -- My URL
local data = {
  ["content"] = "Hey! This is from Roblox."

JSON:PostAsync(Webhook, data)

Do you guys know any alternatives to do this?

EDIT: Could I use an alternative website such as make my own with wix or something to do it? Because I tried some stuff like that and they don’t seem to work. Discord Integration: A guide on using Discord through Roblox [UPDATED] THIS TYPE OF CODE DOESN’T WORK!!

might this help?

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You can use Infinity free they give you a free domain and PHP support.

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Yes but the issue is that Roblox blocked you from being able to access Discord API via their API services.

How could I insert the POST request into PHP though, I haven’t learned PHP yet. I will be learning that soon lol since HTML is boring :roll_eyes:

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you shouldnt use public proxies for this you will have to make your own. they are really simple to make just google

If you could, can you send me some resources please?

javascript will be the easiest

research how to use the express module to create a simple website that can get posts

then for the simplest kind of proxy (just strings) use the get post function to get the body of the text and the discord api webhook link you want to send it to. then using xmlhttprequest (js module to post to http links) you will post to the discord webhook with the body

there isnt much guides on this kind of website so you will have to use the documentation more of express and xmlhttprequest to figure out how to do it

i suggest hosting with replit

for posting from roblox you would do the same as a discord webhook but with the proxied link

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No. Discord blocked roblox. Anyway you will need to use either a public proxy or host your own proxy.

So, there isn’t much documentation on this? Heh luckily I am somewhat good at JavaScript, but should I use Node.JS?

Node.js is just a js runtime, there are some others such as deno and bun

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yes you want nodejs

there are documents on the express and xmlhttprequest modules, read those to help you

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I will try out this and the JavaScript one, do you know any ways to make my own Proxy Server?

using replit will give you a website automatically for free but hosting 24/7 will require something else

research how to keep replit up 24/7 for free (uptime robot)

Don’t I need to pay to keep Replit up?

not if you use uptime robot

there is also glitch but in my opinion its not great

Lol, I hate the max character limit.
So what is an Uptime Robot if I may ask? Sorry if I am troubling you lol.

super simple free website that will ping a website every 5 ish minutes to keep it responding

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Oooh can you send me the link!

Why not self-host? It’s super easy and doesn’t cost at all. You can get a great boilerplate here, just take note that you’ll have to install node.js.

Also, for the actual question, use webhooks, you’ll need a proxy for it to work.