Intellisense for Functions and Variables

Currently as my games scripts grow there’s sometimes functions I want to reuse and bring over into other game frameworks. It also becomes harder to handle functions across the entire game sometimes or even keep track of variables once your games script grows from 200 to 2000 to 20,000 lines of code leaving you scroll up and down.

The best thing I can think of is letting us write in our own Intellisense for our functions, let us document our own from within the code.


I hope I’m reading this wrong but you don’t actually have 20k lines in a single script right?


For reusing code between games, you should be making libraries using modulescripts. This is how software engineering works across the industry basically.


No no I use modules so it divides up but it was a metaphorical situation.

I do, but I’m constantly adding variables upon variables for shortcuts in my main script which stacks up quickly for RPGs

I can’t create a new thing in lounge :frowning: so imma post something here

I think they updated this

I have a variable named rig which points to an model and now intellisense is working with it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ???

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Do you have a picture because it’s defintely not working for me.