Intellisense not underline custom words

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to add things to intellisense so that it doesn’t underline it.

For example, me and ThePC8110 scripted a game library which requires multiple modules, and then inserts them into scripts using getfenv and setfenv, meaning intellisense doesn’t work for them as that aren’t declared within that script.

Example of annoying thing:

The Sequence here as a wiggly line under it, and it’s super annoying. So it’d be nice to have a way to add things to intellisense to ignore. This would also prove useful to cut out typos when using librarys like this, as it would still get a wiggly line if you spelt it wrong.

EDIT: To clarify what I want, just the ability to have a white list of words which warnings will not show up under


I think it makes more sense to be able to turn on/off which warning types you want shown.


In Cloud9, this is handled by adding a comment such as: /* global Sequence */. I think something similar could be a good way of doing this.

Something OP and others experiencing the issue may find useful in the meanwhile is that you can change the “Warning Color” setting in your script editor colors to match “Background Color” and then the underlines for errors are no longer visible.

If you specifically only want the underlines to disappear for the modules you’re inserting into the environment, you could instead have the library return a table of all your modules. With this approach, what you now have:

local seq = Sequence.New(...)

would become something like this:

local std = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("StandardLibrary"))
local seq = std.Sequence.New(...)
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Yeah I did that before, but I have dyslexia (although fairly mild), and those warnings are super handy.

It’s not like a huge issue or what ever, it’s just something I’d find very useful and I’m sure a lot of others would too.

Yeah, definitely – I run into issues with typos with the second approach as well, so it’d be great to have warnings for that. Hence why I clarified that my previous post was something that could be used in the meanwhile.

Note that this would be tricky to implement though, as there’s no easy way to know all of your modules’ indices without running them – at best the syntax highlighter would be able to detect explicit values in an explicit table return. Indices added with setfenv would be able to be detected.

Yeah I’d just like to create a white list which it’d ignore

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That’d work too :thumbsup: Didn’t really understand that was what you were requesting initially – sorry.

My bad, I added an edit too clarify what I meant.

I usually just fix this by setting a local variable to be equal to whatever it is I’m trying to reference.

In your case it’d just be

local Sequence = Sequence

and that should get rid of the underlines.

That being said, they are annoying, and having to do that is equally annoying. I fully support the ability to control this.