Interact With A Discord Bot

So I am wondering whether or not I could interact with a discord bot via a script, here is an example…

Say for example I stored a script on a discord bot and wanted to run that script on roblox via a loadstring or something.

How would I do this?

I dont want Webhooks or anything like that I actually need the script to interact with a Discord BOT, like a HttpGet or something.

Technically you can, But it requires server for discord bot.
You must have bot server that runs bot, And it must can be communicated (Send / Recive) to roblox server using HttpRequest.
This means you must make proxy to bot. There’s no API on discord that can interactive with user (Like buttons, emojis, etc.) But you still can send message by HttpRequest using webhook.
If you want to make bot, You must learn Node.js or Python to do it.

TL;DR: This is waste of your coding time and hosting money.

just thought of it, only efficient way to do this would be to let them communicate via a website. probably around $5 - 10 a month if you wanted to do it monthly. but still a waste of money and your time

This is a new thing I think, but you could use Open Cloud’s MessagingService API