Interacting with morph type object's breaks script


the pcall makes this error happen

@S0MBRX need help

sorry fell asleep wanna invite me to team create and ill just slap a few repairs on

you need to indent everything after the pcall

local function thisfunction()
    --all your code 

do this

local function thisfunction()
    pcall(function()-- add this
        --all your code indented
    end)--add this
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You need to apply defensive logic.

First of all, show us the code that is erroring.
Second, show us the Error in Output so we can see which line is breaking.
Third - do not simply wrap your stuff in a PCall. Fixing the problem is better than putting a blanket over it.

PCalls should only be used in external services than can fail and that you need to error handle, such as Data Synchronization.