Interacting with the Discord API

I want to ask that if I interact with the Discord API through Webhooks with HttpSevice, I can be banned from roblox for breaking a ToS rule? What happens if my game is very active and when a player on each server speaks, the message is saved in discord in a private channel that I can only see to prevent others from seeing the words that discord does not censor but roblox does? Could I get banned for that?

It wouldn’t be ideal to store Messages via Discord, You could get banned for abusing their rate limits etc, I would suggest either not storing the users messages or Using some kind of other site.

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Alright, thank you for telling me this.

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I closed the game and permanently deleted the source that I made, I really thank you for telling me this.

Although the fact that using webhooks for every message can get your Discord account banned, I’ll clarify how the rule for filtering works for you also.

You MUST filter any string that is sent from one client to the server and then back to other clients to be displayed. If you send a string from one client to the server (or just from the server) to an external third party that normal players cannot access, you don’t need to filter this.