Interactive Intimate: Update Log

Interactive Intimate - Update Log

This game was made and tested on a computer with a 16GB RAM and Core i7 Intel. It’s recommended you play with a device which matches these specs, or has better. Have good WIFI too!

VERSION 0.10.2: APRIL 25TH, 2024

UI Revamp

  • The game UI has been revamped to instill a fresh and bolder look for the player at all times. Makes your gameplay more satisfying. Adjustments have been made to the play area UI to halt any interruptions from the UI when playing by new placement of buttons.
  • Some code adjustments were made in respond to various UI issues.


  • Added remaining names to sync to final Buddy serial numbers (150 <).
  • Fixed bug which allowed player to freeze Buddy while recycling him from the research menu. This halted the player from further raising their ability bar for the rest of their session.

VERSION 0.10.1: MARCH 22ND, 2024 / NEW LEAF

Research Panel

  • Under the your Profile module you’ll find a new button labeled “Research”. Click/tap on that to open up your research panel. Here you can read about the different features about your Buddy. First off you’ll see his name and serial number. There are 9998 Buddies total, and features vary between all 9998 Buddies! That’s 9998 uniquely named Buddies! There’s a whole lot to the research panel, so let’s go over it:
    Profile Picture
    First off, above your Buddy’s name, you’ll notice that he has a profile picture in which he’s wearing a certain combination of Hat and Emblem. This is Buddy’s “Natural Outfit”. Buddy is always his most comfortable when he’s wearing this specific outfit. When this Hat-Emblem combo is equipped to Buddy, every time you interact with him the total score of the combo will be multiplied by 1.25X.
    Next up is the grading system. As you continue to interact with Buddy, your grade in the grading section of the research panel will fluctuate. Reaching a good score, having a good relationship with Buddy, and breaking the limbs off of Buddy contributes to your research, and a good grade. The higher your grade is, the greater your reward will be after you “dispose” of Buddy. If you don’t want to do this to Buddy however, you can instead submit the grade off the fly and get the reward, sending Buddy away and getting you a new one.
    Finally, there is the contract. There are three research conditions you have to complete in order to fulfill the requirements of your contract and collect the reward for completing it. Each condition is very specific, as your employer is looking for specific research to be done with each tool, so read them carefully! Right now your reward for completing a contract is Points/XP, but this will be changed in the future update. Oh, you haven’t heard? The reward is going to be replaced with [?!@>…!#<,++=-!!?] instead.


  • There are now 3 save slots in the game which you can utilize however you’d like! Each save slot carries it’s own data starting from total scratch, so for the first time ever you’ll have to ability to replay the whole game from the start. Now, I want to see how fast you can speedrun the game!


  • The power in the laboratory will now only decrease when Buddy is electrocuted in the lights or other specific circumstances. They no longer progressively decrease.
  • The Blood Bucket has been removed from the game. In the future update it will be replaced by the new [?%##&*!! ;?!].
  • More features not mentioned here.


  • Fixed issue where after killing Buddy, you wouldn’t be able to equip Hats or Emblems to your new Buddy.
  • Fixed bug which stopped players from being able to earn the secret badge.
  • More patches not mentioned here.

That’s everything for this update!

VERSION 0.9.1: JULY 15TH, 2023 / SUMMER FUN!


  • There have been 8 new tools under the explosives section of the items menu added to the game, rounding out the tools roster.

Buddy Personalities

  • Buddy will now speak in a different dialect depending on the hat he’s wearing. Edgy, Italian, Silent, and Wise personalities have not been added into the game yet. The lines for the personalities that have been added have not been finished yet. Credits to my sister for writing the “Goofy” and “Dumb” personalities.

New Notifications

  • An exclamation mark will appear above Buddy’s profile picture or your characters profile picture respectively when you complete a mission, beat your high score, or break one of Buddy’s bones, notifying you.

AI Voice Module

  • There is now a real voice module that will speak to your throughout your gameplay. It will notify you when you complete a mission, it will describe to you what each menu page is, and it will describe to what each of the tools that you buy do. It will also describe the hats that you buy in the next update.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed horrible bug where Buddy would freeze in place at various points of your gameplay. It could have happened when you joined, when he went too far to the walls of the play area, or you could have just been playing the game while Buddy was like that the whole time. Buddy could not experience knockback nor be moved around in any way while in this state. This is no more! Buddy will now always physically react when you interact with him in those ways!
  • For mobile: Fixed issue where play area wouldn’t be the mobile play area version of the laboratory, but rather the regular PC laboratory.

Fixed Accessory Disfunctions

  • Fixed issue when some accessories that you equip to Buddy wouldn’t appear attached to his head correctly. Now all accessories are correctly attached to him.

Various UI Changes

  • Various UI improvements were made to better the experience.

Final Note

  • A part 2 to this update will be released later this month. In that update I’ll add the things missing to parts of this update, including the final Buddy personalities and lines to current Buddy personalities that are not finished, the AI voice module lines that describe hats and emblems, and I will patch various known bugs.

That’s it! Enjoy the update!

VERSION 0.8.5: MARCH 6TH, 2023

Adjustments + A New Badge

The New Badge!

  • There has been a SECRET BADGE added to the game! How do you get it? Well, that’s just something that YOU have to figure out! Just try and collect it!


  • Updated Buddy knockback physics from using the Velocity function to the AssemblyLinearVelocity function.
  • Improved leaderboards to display rankings more consistently, and to avoid freezing while loading a category, preventing it from loading the rest of said category and the following others.
  • Improved notification UI to not overlap each other when multiple notifications appear on screen at the same time.
  • Improved Custom Buddy gamepass. When Buddy would morph, sometimes assets wouldn’t load onto him and he wouldn’t wear them, like hats or hairs. I’ve allowed the assets more time to load into the game upon being prompt, so this shouldn’t happen anymore.
  • There was an unintentional feature where you could toggle the menu on PC by pressing Tab while still on the loading screen or on the tutorial screen. This is no more.

That’s all there is for this update.

VERSION 0.8.4: MARCH 1ST, 2023

Major Bug Fix

  • There was recently a major bug in Interactive Intimate which wouldn’t allow many players to get past the loading screen even AFTER the bar had filled up. You may have experienced this, but THIS BUG HAS BEEN FIXED! Enjoy Interactive Intimate again!


A Small Patch Update

Bug Fixes

  • The latest 8 badges which I’d added to the game were mistakenly not being rewarded to player who should have received them. I corrected this, and all 8 badges are able to be received upon completing the prerequisite.
  • I believe to of patched awarding for the “Scoreboard Buster” badge category, which would seemly only award to people on occasion. But only time will tell if it’s truly fixed.
  • The annoying “coin rain” sound which would loop infinitely upon completing a mission with “0” as a prerequisite has been patched. You won’t be hearing that annoying sound anymore if you complete a mission as such.

VERSION 0.8.2: NOVEMBER 4th, 2022


  • The Laboratory has been reverted from its Halloween back to its regular theme.

That’s all.

VERSION 0.8.1: OCTOBER 31tst, 2022


Loads of changes in this one.

What’s New

  • NEW RANGED TOOLS available for purchase under the Range section on the Items menu. Use them to interact with Buddy at a distance. 8 Range tools available for use.
  • ONE NEW ABILITY which you can interchange with your Freeze ability. I won’t tell you what this one does though… you’ll have to find that out for yourself. You can unlock the new Ability by completing 25 total daily missions, and then access it under the Ability section on the Items menu.
  • NEW CUSTOM BUDDY GAMEPASS which allows you to get Buddy to mimic the appearance of any player on Roblox. Before purchasing, please note that Buddy will on mimic the body colour, classic shirt and pants, and hat and hair accessories of players. All other accessory types are ignored, including layered clothing.
  • 8 NEW BADGES to collect! 2 for making Buddy either really happy or really sad, and 6 for all the limbs and body parts you can break off of him. Scroll down the game page through all the previous badges to see them. Try to collect all of them!
  • (TEMPORARY) NEW HALLOWEEN THEMED LABRATORY! The lab has been decorated for the Halloween season, though temporary and will be removed by next week. Enjoy it while it lasts!
  • MOBILE USERS now SHARE SERVERS with PC players. If you play the game on mobile, you will no longer be teleported to a separate place for the mobile lab. However the lab will transform into the same lab you were playing in on the Mobile only server. There are absolutely no gameplay changes for mobile user due to this. This was mainly done for ease of developing purposes for me.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • MANY UI changes were made to benefit your experience. This includes, but is not limited to, colour coded tool types in the Items menu, a hotbar button which appears below all of your unlocked items (new to PC), number codes representing each slot of your active hotbar, and some nice rotating and scaling effects on assets on the loading screen and the update screen.
  • Tools now move TWICE as smooth as they had been moving before. A nice effect.
  • Adjusted positioning of all tools to be positioned closer to Buddy from the perspective of the camera. This was done so you could more accurately interact with Buddy.
  • (MOBILE) The camera now pans much further than before when adjusting for the position of your finger. This was done so you can have a greater scope of the laboratory, compensating for your smaller device. It will be easier to interact with Buddy when he’s in a tough location, and, while active, the menu will be less distracting.
  • (MOBILE) You can now toggle the move panel in and out of frame by pressing the green arrow button located above the panel.
  • (PC) You can now click on the Blood Bucket to activate it.
  • Prices of Key Booster Clocks have been adjusted.
  • (WIP) Notifications have been adjusted so they don’t overlap anymore when you receive multiple at around the same time.

Bug Fixes

  • “Hangman” glitch which could be performed by using the Finger while resetting Buddy’s position has been patched.
  • Adjusted ability bar to punctually update when it increases or decreases.
  • Other minor bug patches. (Can’t remember them… should have wrote them down.)

That’s all for now. Thank you very much for continuing to enjoy and support Interactive Intimate! Enjoy this one.

VERSION 0.7.3: August 17th, 2022

Bug Patches

  • New time joiners will no longer have a broken daily missions menu, where all missions appear to be completed without any prerequisites or progress made. Collecting the reward would loop an annoying, “coin rain” like sound effect forever which could only be stopped by the player leaving the game. This is no more.
  • Increased the threshold for each category on the leaderboards which upon succeeding would remove the player in question from all leaderboards. If you should have been on a leaderboard before but weren’t, you should be on it now.
  • The “Skip” button on the loading screen was made to skip the game loading if it was taking too long. However, pressing this button on some mobile devices, being weaker devices which do not have the technical capability of loading the game fully did not give that desired effect. This should no longer be a problem as the “Skip” button should effectively skip game loading on ALL devices now.

Gameplay Changes

  • The Fist tool now rotates to face the direction in which it’s moving in. A cool little effect which I intend to add to all the tools.
  • A minor UI change was made to the Messlither logo in the loading sequence to better fit the middle of the screen on all devices.

VERSION 0.7.2: May 19th, 2022

Minor Changes

  • Added a “skip” button on the loading screen when you join the game. The button can be clicked/tapped on to skip the game loading, and get right into the action. Not recommended you take this action however; you should let the game load in regularly each time you join so it can perform the best it can. This update was made in request from mobile players who have weaker devices which can’t fully load the whole game! The “skip” button will appear after a short while of waiting on the loading screen.
  • Reduced the time it takes for the notice with the “skip” button to appear.

Bug Patches

  • Patched a bug on mobile where, while invisible, players who joined from PC to mobile would have their 4 and 5 slot hotbar’d tools still hotbar’d in the 4 and 5 slots respectively, if they were hotbar’d. This should no longer be possible.
  • The reset button would sometimes or sometimes not disable when joining the game. It should now disable consistently every time you join the game.

VERSION 0.7.1: May 17th, 2022

What’s New?

  • Interactive Intimate now supports MOBILE PLAYERS with a new place they’ll be teleported to when they join the game! A big welcome to all new players just joining in now!
  • A new camera movement feature. The camera will now pan horizontally and vertically to follow your mouse/finger. It may seem small, but it makes a big difference when playing! I think you’ll really enjoy this one!
  • Patched up some of the bigger bugs (Read below).
  • Changed the colour of the Ability Bar (aesthetic purposes).

Some Notes About Mobile!

  • The place mobile players will be playing in introduces new UI displayed on basic interaction screen for ease of use! These include: A menu toggle button, Buddy reset button, a movement panel, as well as being able to tap on the Blood Bucket and Ability Bar to activate them. Anything you could have done by pressing buttons on computer, you can do by interacting with the UI interface on mobile.
  • For mobile, instead of having 5 hotbar slots, you only have 3. This change was made for ease of access (5 slots would take up too much of the screen). Much like the computer version, you’ll have to access the Items menu to equip a tool to your hotbar, however, as an alternative to right-clicking, tap on the “HOTBAR” button below the image of the tool you’d like to equip to your hotbar.
  • All knockback from tools and objects have been reduced by 25% for the mobile place. This is to compensate for the smaller space, and make a more enjoyable experience for those who play this version of the game.
  • Again, welcome to the game to all new mobile players! I’m very excited to get the game into your hands. After all the requests to make mobile, I know that this was really in high demand by you (the community)! Happy playing mobile players!

Bug Patches

  • Patched bug where the Ability Bar would increase while activated. This shouldn’t be possible anymore.
  • I believe I’ve patched the UI issue where multiple combo indicators would appear on a single hit in a very short amount of time at a rapid pace.
  • Patched issue where, after killing Buddy, he would remain mute until you leave and rejoin the game. He’s now able to talk after he respawns!
  • Corrected several spelling mistakes made across the Items and Customize menu, as well in the descriptions of tools, hats, and emblems.

That’s all the notes for this update! Have fun playing everyone!

Version 0.6.2: May 10th, 2022

  • The data of blacklisted players are no longer saved to the top 100 in each leaderboard. Yesterday, while their scores weren’t visible on the leaderboards, they still took up the last available spot of the top 100 (100th place, 99th place, and so on depending on how many hackers were in each category) on the respective board. Now their score is entirely voided from the top 100 data!
  • The blacklist has been updated, adding a few new players to it.

Version 0.6.1: May 9th, 2022

  • Added Leaderboards: Now you (the player) can compare your scores in categories: Level Up!, Scoreboard Buster, Mega Massacre, Missions Master, Piggy Bank, and Top Patrons with the top 100 best players in the game from each category! Each leaderboard can be accessed from the Profile menu.
  • Added four new settings to the game which can all be accessed through the Extras menu: Blood Toggle, Wounds Toggle, Buddy Dialogue Toggle, and Player Dialogue Toggle. You (the player) can set any of these on or off to better fit the experience to your own desires!
  • Discontinued Out Of Bounds (O.O.B.) points, and automatic Buddy resets when he’s get knocked out of the play area. For some players on some devices, this feature wouldn’t function as intended. As a substitute, if Buddy gets knocked out of the play area you can press either Enter button on your keyboard to activate a reset, and get him back in bounds! You can also call a Buddy reset by pressing the “Reset Buddy” button found in the Extras menu under the Feedback and Settings category, along with the other settings.
  • Added a new anti-hack script containing anti-hack code. I’m trying to void hackers from the experience as much as I can, and this is just a small step towards doing that. What I added should take care of the main hacking problems I’d been seeing online.
  • Some GUI changes: Made the text behind the title images in each of the Items, Customize, and Extras menu invisible. Each text label would peek out around each the title image in the menu on some devices depending on the player’s screen dimensions, so they can’t be seen anymore.
  • That’s all for this update. Have fun playing!

Version 0.5.2: May 4th, 2022

  • Fixed bug which wouldn’t allow daily missions to reset if you (the player) weren’t in-game during a certain time.
  • Updated the start screen to show the most recent dev-log note.

Version 0.5.1: OFFICIAL BETA LAUCH - May 2nd, 2022
Interactive Intimate has reached the Beta phase!
Lots of thing have changed since the last version of the game. Some of the thing you’ll notice right away are:

  • New and improved GUIs and Menus.
  • Futuristic lighting, and new texturing in the warehouse.
  • New lights in the warehouse to be used for…

And more things you’ll notice as you play are:

  • A bone breaking system for Buddy. The more you beat him, the more damage he takes, and the more damage he takes the more bridal he becomes! Check the diagram by hovering over Buddy’s icon to see how he’s feeling. If it gets too red… KABLEWIE!
  • Customizing Buddy is no longer only cosmetic, but depending on what he has on, it will also change knockback and damage taken. Hats change knockback, emblems change damage resistence!
  • Most tools have been improved from their previous iterations, AND introducing a NEW tool… Milk! What does it do? Get Buddy to drink it and find out! You may get EXPLOSIVE results…

… There are many more changes which aren’t listed here, but I hope you appreciate the work put in to make this project good.

It’s been a long journey making this game and getting it to where it is. Development going on and off for 5 years takes a toll, but I’m happy with where the game is at the moment (You heard that right, I started this project 5 years ago). I hope you all have fun playing!


  • Leaderboards so you can compare your records with your friends and the rest of Roblox!

Version 0.4.6: BIG UPDATE [1/2] - March 25th, 2021

Big Changes:

  • New combo/multiplier system and score system added. This allows for more fun gameplay and provides a faster way of leveling up.
  • New ability bar added. Interact with Buddy to charge up your ability bar. Once it’s full, activate it to provide extra support to you. Currently, there is only one ability: “FREEZE”, which is automatically selected when you start the game.
  • New profile menu added. Track your High Score, High Combo, Longest Juggle, Average Score, and Average Combo in this menu.
  • Knockback is now direction-based. If you hit Buddy from the left side, he will go right. If you hit him from below, he will go up. If you hit him from the upper-right, he will go lower-left. Etc.
  • Items can no longer be unlocked by leveling up. All items are bought with Unlock Keys.
  • Leveling up once will give you 1 Unlock Key. All keys that Buddy drops now have to be picked up by the player by clicking/tapping on the key.

Item Changes:

  • Most melee items have been tweaked.
  • “Bat”, “Sword”, and “Mace” are all now moveables just like the “Fist”.
  • “Pencil” has been updated and is now able to draw into the real world! Whatever you draw will stay in the physical world for a short amount of time, therefore Buddy will be able to interact with whatever you draw.
  • “Camera” has been updated and will now hypnotize the photo shy Buddy. Take pictures of Buddy as he runs away from you. There is a random chance that the flash will cause Buddy to go into a hypnotic state and enjoy it when you hurt him. While in this state he will also have a 2x chance of dropping a key when you interact with him.

Minor Changes:

  • The level-up screen has been replaced with a notification system. You will be notified every time you level-up, obtain a key, and achieve a new high score.
  • Major GUI update on the main gameplay screen. You now have a bar to indicate how close you are to leveling up.
  • The amount of BP required to level up is now - (Level * 25) + 75, meaning Level 1 requires 100 BP to level-up, Level 2 requires 125 BP, Level 3 requires 150 BP, etc.
  • Fixed a bug where after purchasing on a tool, the notes for said tool would display in the incorrect location.

More Notes:

This is the first part of a two-part “Big Update” for the game. All Range Weapons and the Detonator tool have been put in maintenance, and will be available to play within part 2 of this update. None of the explosives have been updated as I had focused only on the Melee weapons and making them more fun to play with. Please, leave feedback for this update. What do you like, or don’t like? Any bugs/glitches? The best way to tell me would be either by messaging my Roblox account (preferred), or leaving a message on my group wall. Thanks for playing!

Version 0.4.2 - November 16th, 2020

  • (PC) All Items will now move with the mouse. You no longer have to click/drag to move the item.
  • Therefore there are now three classes of tools, instead of two. CLICK, DRAG, and HOLD.
  • New loading screen and intro, as well as a new font for all text in-game.

Version 0.4.1 - October 7th, 2020

  • Added descriptions to each section in the menu (Items, Customization, Extras).

Version 0.4 - October 6th, 2020

  • Initial early access release.

Play the game now!
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