Interesting system of this game

I do not know if this is the right category for this but I found this game system which is really interesting do; and the system is the game can capture a video of the character doing things and upload it.

Here is the game: Rec It - Roblox

I have absolutely zero idea on how to do this and would like to learn. If anyone have idea on how to do this please share your knowledge. Thank you!

Unless I’m missing something there isn’t a way to capture a video and play it back. You could however achieve the same effect by recording everything that’s moving (like their positions and stuff) then replay that by moving everything yourself in the same way. So like remember that block A was moving like this… then play it back as an animation by moving the parts inside a frame or something the same way it was moving during recording.

There’s no way to capture & show vids.
I guess the game simply captures anything that moves, maybe it captures every property that changes in the camera’s vision field and then replay it.