Interesting things to learn?

Sorry if this is the wrong section, but I want to learn something new, I’m stuck. I know a lot but not enough to apply anything. I really don’t care what you give me, just want something to learn. Also I do better with articles rather than direct wiki links, if you can. If not, that’s fine, but it helps me understand it better, thanks!

Just make things.
Seriously, make games. Even if they are horrible, you’ll get experience.


Make a project that you feel engaged about and want to work with. It’s easily the fastest way to learn and grow.

You need to be more specific such as what you are capable of. Everything has it’s own category and difficulty. You said you know a lot but not enough to apply anything. Perhaps you should rather learn new things try to apply what you’ve already learnt. If you are unable to apply what you’ve learned then it just all goes to waste. So my personal suggestion would be to master what you know and then seek new topics.

But then again not everyone listens to suggestions, so if you are interested I’ll give you a couple ideas on what you can make:

  1. Random quest generator (generating unique quests with rewards that fit the difficulty)
  2. Custom NPC system
  3. Popular Algorithms
  4. Just make start a project with friends

These are just a few ideas.

EDIT: Another thing you can do is attempt to teach what you’ve learnt to others. Teaching is the best way to prove that you understand something. The ability to teach would mean that you most likely understand the topic.

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What would you mean by “Custom NPC system”?

I’m talking more about a way to manage and run massive quantities of npcs without using the humanoid object. I’d suggest the npc model as well as a AnimationController to play animations then using something like TweenService to move the models.

You see, the thing is I’m more of a guy who loves to compress my scripts so that they run at the best performance possible (to my own ability). So I research a lot on what I could do to reduce the amount of lag and etc in games.

One of the main things that causes lag in Roblox is physics. 200 Humanoids with all states enabled running around would definitely cause some performance issues (because the model is probably un anchored in order to move the humanoids). When you anchor a part all physic calculations are removed from the part (which is why body objects, velocity and gravity won’t work).

Anyway I’m getting off topic.

Hello, i’m interested with the Random quest generator. Which for me is impossible to make.

Well, I’m not going to go ahead and make it for you but you are free to go ahead and create it. I’ve done it before and if you are interested:

  1. My quests are placed in tables in the format of such:
local CurrentQuest = {
QuestName = "",
Tasks = {},
Rewards = {},
Difficulty = ""
  1. Whenever a server starts I generate quests and when the client wants to see the quests I invoke a remote function to get the available quests.
    2a. The quests are generated by first generating a difficulty using a table and math.random
    2b. Next, I generate the amount of tasks (each game will have it’s own unique tasks) such as slaying monsters
    2c. I generate what monsters are to be eliminated and what quantities (without going over a certain limit and higher then a certain value)
    2d. I generate rewards based on difficulty
    2e. I log the quests into a table called Quests
  2. When a quest is taken or removed It is taken off the table using table.remove and a new quest is generated.

And then finally it’s done. Then you would have to sync it with your other frameworks such as detecting kills and etc and you’re done.

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Modeling Sine & Cosine Waves are neat. I know a bunch of reasons as to why this would be useful.

Oh, I recently learned Sine and Cosine in school (to find angles and lengths of triangles). How would you “model” them? and how would they be useful?

EDIT: I’m assuming by waves you mean the flow/pattern similar to the animation easing style “Sine”.

Projectile movement. Animation.

For procedural animation, it’s possible to run your keyframes along a sine wave. The intensity of each keyframe could travel along a cosine wave.

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