Interface Animator Plugin ( WIP )

As of right now, it’s time consuming to make an animated image and nearly impossible and it’s difficult to make short movie on roblox using GUIs.

I’m making that easy by working on the UI Animator plugin.
You can see the demo here:

I made a similar plugin a while ago which is called Ro-Movie 2014 which is right here:

Ro-Movie 2014 features are very limited and has about 256 - 500 frames limit to make sure roblox studio doesn’t lag too much for the developer. Today, the frame limit will be much higher due to more plugin APIs and efficiency to the roblox engine.

Due to roblox updates, Ro-Movie 2014 audio feature broke. Then many years later, I decided to make the Ro-Movie 2016 plugin but I eventually quit working on the plugin to go focus on something else.

With the Interface Animator plugin, developers can create animated images on roblox easily without heavy scripting.
I’m going to add many new features to the plugin that the old one doesn’t support the following new features I’m planning to add are:

  • Sprite sheet support. ( Add multiple frames with a single image ).
  • Captions
  • Custom background color
  • Project saves are saved using the :SaveSetting() API rather than saving on the place file.
  • Project back up. ( it saves the project within the place file ).
  • Play audio at a specific frame.
  • Tweening
    +Many more

So what do you think of the plugin?


Getting some Flipnote Hatena vibes here. Looking forward to seeing the finished plugin!


Now this is a cool-looking plugin! It looks like you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. Also, that art style is neat, never seen anything like it in a plugin before!


I feel like the people that have replied to the thread so far haven’t even read the whole post. The plugin strings together frames that you input and outputs a ScreenGui which iterates through each frame in a loop. The flipnote video is just an demo of what the plugin does.

As for plugin itself, I encountered several issues while trying to use it:

  • Adding text via the menu shows this error:
  • As far as I can tell, the “Export As On Screen GUI” and “Export As Screen Gui” options do the exact same thing.
  • The outputted screen gui probably shouldn’t print anything when it’s run.
  • I got this error while attempting to play some music. I don’t know exactly what I did, but I hope this output helps:

I created the Ro-Movie 2014 plugin back in 2014 when I was 15 years old. Back then, I had less experience coding, there wasn’t as many plugin API as they do now.

Soundscape service used to exist for plugins in 2014 but today, they don’t exist anymore.

It prints while it’s being run so that when the script breaks, it’s easier for me to fix glitches because it will be easier to trace the error.

I don’t update ro-movie 2014 because it’s old, and there’s better APIs to make plugins with than before.

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I’m pretty sure this demo is one of them drop it animations…


plays drop it in head

yeah that sounds about right