Interior Feedback [Unfinished]

So this took me 3 days… I still need to fill the rest of the room, 4 more rooms, 4 more houses…

Does it look good at least?
What should I change?


I saw that you rewrote and remade this post, thing that I think that is against DevForum rules anyway I like it kind of much! The color, furtniture, etc. The design is original, maybe try adding other colors?


It looks great i’m guessing your going with a cartoony look.

  • You could add some detail to the ceiling perhaps like a fan or somewhat.

  • Some Wall Frames/Pictures

  • Perhaps a comfy sofa chair

Hope This Helped, :smiley:

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@Col4ter4l He actually deleted it before making a new thread OP if you made a mistake in your original thread you could always use the pencil icon to fix your post.

I think the build is looks quite nice. It could have been better I would personally add more detail/things to change around your interior if this is the main area like a family room it’s really empty.

I’d suggest a floor mat so it could have a bit more detail to it and I would recommend you add some furniture to the room such as chairs, couches, lamp, ceiling fan, tables, carpet, ect.

I would add some posters on the walls so it won’t look to empty you could possibly add some decor on the wall shelves trophy, plants, pictures, art ect. In my opinion, it looks good if I’m not mistaken this is a family room?

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I think it looks very good so far, I love all the detail you put into this, however it seems a bit hard to distinguish what kind of room it is. There doesn’t seem like there is any more room to add things on the wall here, but it looks as though there is room behind. Possibly some paintings, a couch or tv, a table, or a desk would look nice. Adding really any type of furniture would look very good. Overall great job so far this is very good :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m planning on having a dinining table in the middle aswell as a carpet underneath it. About the ceiling, I will put a chandelier or a modern light model.

I will try to fix the emptyness, thank you all for your replies :smiley:

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Can you put a dummy to the bookshelf? The books look very large. Other than that, looks good!

Nice build :+1: I love the details on it. I can’t distinguish what room it is unfortunately. Add some more furniture. The lamp seems sort of out of place to me. The little workspace with the papers and hammer also seems a bit small. (Try imagining a person standing and working on that workspace. Seems pretty small compare to the bookshelf and the drawer on the other side)

(Don’t mind my bad drawing skills)

Add some tables or chairs. Don’t push the furniture to the back or it’s going to make the room feel empty. Give it some ceiling light or a fan. Add posters to the wall or picture frames.

Overall an amazing build. Keep working on it :+1: Can’t wait to see an update on this! :eyes:


They are maybe a bit too big :sweat_smile:
But I’m not planning on using them as a tool (In case you’re wondering idk :eyes:)