Interior Lighting Help

Hello there,

I am working on a project where gameplay mainly takes place inside interiors. I am going for lighting that is vibrant and colorful. I’ve been messing with the lighting settings to achieve this and make the models colors pop, but unfortunately, I’m having trouble with it because it looks too bland.

The lighting that I found ideal is when the roof is off and the sun’s light comes in. I’m trying to make it similar to that. How do I achieve this without losing the roof? Lol

I also tried using these Point Light spheres, but they didn’t give the same light.
What is the closest way to make it look like the outside lighting?

Lighting tips or any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

You can disable the CastShadow property on the roof parts.


Probably increase the Brightness and Saturation. Maybe even mess a bit with the Contrast.

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