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Welcome to Bubble Town!

An immersive and engaging multiplayer game where your creativity knows no bounds! In this exciting virtual world, you’ll embark on a journey of adventure, trading, and personalization, all centered around the concept of a town of bubbles

Before Applying

Note: No coding is required and all assets will be provided. This is strictly a position for someone with understand of RP and interior building design.

  • Experience or understanding of creating large RP Buildings
  • Examples in the form of images or videos of prior work

What is my task?

You will be creating interior RP buildings for 4 different exteriors we assign to you. This position may evolve into more commission in the future if you are accepted and are open to working on a team.


You will receive $40 USD or 4,000 Robux for 4 completed Interiors. Robux are paid via Roblox Gift Card, you also have the option to receive payment in USD through any payment provider we can offer.

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