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Temporarily not hireable.

No offense but that isn’t really intermediate. I’d say that’s basic.


Some of these are really basic and seems liek anyone could do that. Sorry portfolio really lacks. Good luck in the Future.


We’re just telling you how to improve your portfolio. Thats the whole point of the DevFourms to get feedback. No need to be harsh but you are getting better. Just need to improve your skills more.


I’d have to agree here in that the portfolio does lack a bit in terms of visual standards.

With this being said however, I do think blatantly telling him that his work is, “basic,” and that, “anyone could do what he does,” isn’t really doing anything to help him in terms of, “improving his portfolio.” All this is doing is just upfront labelling what he does as, “low-tier,” with no constructive feedback attached, which isn’t what you said the DevForum was about :confused:

@ChasingNachos On a side note, I’d advise you build up your skills to a proficient and skillful level that you think would attract people for a monetary gain. There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve got so far as a beginner, but it just seems as though you would require some more learning, as rushing into the market to sell what you’ve got tends to slow down the process.


I highly suggest using something like Photoshop (or if you need something free, I suggest Krita.), As for the term Intermediate, you are a beginner. This isn’t meant as an insult it’s just what you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t advertise yourself as having a higher skill level.

The only thing a client should supply is the logo and references, unless they have specific assets pre-made that they must have in the thumbnail/ad, everything else should be made/supplied by yourself, as the artist.

As for what you can do to better your work, fill the empty space, for thumbnails render scenes rather than a character pasted onto a effect spammed background. Your renders themselves aren’t that bad, but a render alone doesn’t determine your skill level, I would suggest watching some tutorial on typography (or looking at the tutorials on here, there’s some good ones). You definitely have room to grow, and I’m sure you’ll have some high quality great work in no time.

Also as for pricing, I would set a flat starting price for logos, thumbnails, ads and have that listed separate from the examples, it’ll make it easier to find what your prices are and they’ll all be in one place.

All in all, I really suggest you practice some more, look up tutorials, and look at the market for what sells. I personally am doing the same because I’ve realised my type of work isn’t what sells here.