Intermediate Scripter [OPEN]

About Me

Hi! I’m ChasingNachos, a scripter from the United States! I have three years of scripting experience – two years on this account, and one year on my first account. I am currently open for short to mid-term commissions.


I’m available all day on Friday through Sunday, and I am available from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EST) on Monday through Thursday.


Obviously, the payment differs per task. Usually, the price range is 200 R$ to 10,000 R$, however, it could be more or less depending on the task(s) that I need to complete. I rarely accept percentages, and if absolutely needed, I will accept PayPal.

Previous Works

Leaderstats & Data Savings

Description: A leaderstat system and a data store system. The currency changer (bank) is only there to show you the leaderstats and data store.
File: BankDataLeader.rbxm (7.9 KB)

Chat to Purchase

Description: An easily customizable chat-to-purchase prompt. At the top of the script, you’ll see three dictionary tables where you can add the asset/gamepass/product ID and the command string to prompt the purchase.
File: ChatToPurchase.rbxm (987 Bytes)

Tool Shop

Description: A simple item shop where if you click the button, you get a stick that goes into your tool backpack.
File: ItemShop.rbxm (15.3 KB)

Part Generation Module

Description: A module for part generation. A more popular use of this would be for lag testing. To show you how it works, I use a chatted event to run the module.
File: PartGen.rbxm (1.7 KB)

Keybind Speed Increaser/Decreaser

Description: Q to increase speed, E to decrease.
File: SpeedIncreaser.rbxm (762 Bytes)

Admin Command System

Description: An easily customizable admin command system with the commands: kill, health, kick, prompt, id, announce, ban, and unban.
File: Admin.rbxm (3.8 KB)

Customizable Ban System with User-Specific Ban Reasons

Description: An easily customizable ban system where you can ban users with user-specific reasons. Go to the BanSettings module script, and you’ll be able to use the user’s ID or username, and you’ll be able to set a ban reason as well.
File: BanScript.rbxm (1.3 KB)

Click Counter

Description: Counts the amount of clicks on a part.
File: ClickCounter.rbxm (9.2 KB)

Data Saving (EasyData) Module

Description: A simple module for storing data and creating leaderstats.
File: EasyData.rbxm (2.0 KB)

Purchase Prompt Module

Description: An easily-customizable module for prompting purchases. To show you that it works, I use the Touched event, however, you can use this module however you’d like.
File: PurchasePrompt.rbxm (4.1 KB)

String Generator

Description: A chat-operated string generator with letters & numbers. The command is :generate [STRING LENGTH].
File: StringGen.rbxm (2.3 KB)

Word Counter

Description: A simple chat-operated word counter using the string:split() command. The command is :count [WORDS].
File: WordCounter.rbxm (2.0 KB)


Description: A stopwatch that has a start, stop, and reset button.
File: Stopwatch.rbxm (7.3 KB)

Contact Information

You can contact me by messaging me on the DevForum, by messaging me on Twitter, or by DM’ing me on Discord. You can contact me by adding ChasingNachos#9159.

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Hey! Contacted you on discord. Here’s my tag: icee#1204