"Internal Error related to the Assets Registry service" When I try to add a new place

Ok so uh basically I’m trying to add a new place in roblox’s studio Asset Manager but it doesn’t work and outputs “Internal Error related to the Assets Registry service”.

The experience is published and has a starting place but it still doesn’t work.

Have you tried restarting Studio?

Of course i did try, i have this problem since yesterday

I am having the same exact problem when I am trying to add places to my “experience”, It gave the same error. and I think it is really just an internal problem from Roblox’s side.

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I guess we’ll just have to wait for a patch :confused:

It’s been three days now and it is really annoying someone like this shows up. Just when I was about to add all the maps into my “Experience” it showed up as an error. At first hand, I was confused on why it doesn’t work and the only post on this problem was this.

It finally works for me now, they probably fixed it