Internal Roblox Errors?

Hello, I’m a new member in the DevForum community & I’m recently getting internal Roblox errors, So I thought to get help on DevForum.

Output :


It’s been months since I’m getting these errors, I’ll be obliged if you help out!

Show full error also last error.

They are the same ones.

I am not occurring this error my guess will be that your Roblox Studio is broken and try reinstalling it.

Like any programmer, Roblox’s engineers also miss out on some possiblities that need to be handled properly by a script. I reccomend posting a bug report describing in detail how you got these errors to show up, as well as other nessesary information to help convey the senario. :+1:

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Hi, welcome to the DevForums!

In order to improve your bug report, and ensure it gets the necessary attention by Roblox staff, I recommend you add some details to your bug report, in order to allow engineers to replicate the issue:

  • Does this issue happen in all places?
  • Do you have any plugins installed?
    • If yes, does disabling the plugins fix the issue?
  • Have you modified any studio settings? Does resetting them fix this?

Adding this, and any other information you may come across, will help your issue be resolved in a more efficient, speedier manner.

As well as putting this in the correct category. #platform-feedback:engine-bugs


Does the errors happen when you open any place?

Welcome, you are a new member, which means you can’t post bug reports yet, so, you should read this:
Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum (In section 15.1)

Yes. As well as I also get other place errors in other games.

Strange, those errors are not happening to me.

As others have said in prior posts, please feel free to use our post approval procedure to create a bug report for #platform-feedback:engine-bugs.