Internal Server Error | 500 when anyone tries to access my group

Since yesterday i haven’t been able to access my group Car Crushers Official Group due to the internal server error popping up. This does not only happen for me, everyone i have talked to has the same issue. But it doesn’t happen to any other group i have found.

However, when i’m logged out of roblox i can access the page, and on the mobile app i can access it just fine without having to log out.


Confirmed. Maybe something only members can see is causing the error? Have you tried clearing the shout (if there is one) through the mobile app to see if that fixes the problem?

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Looks like this just got fixed.

I’m having this problem right now with my group Skilled Scripters.

Edit: for whatever reason, it has been fixed now.

Edit2: I added a game to the group’s Games tab (made a game active) and then changed the name of it and when I clicked the group it gave me the 500 error again about 2-3 times within a span of 30 seconds and then it fixed itself again. Maybe games have something to do with this?

Whats happening here :stuck_out_tongue: seems like randomly a group gets an error 500…

A group I’m in now has an error 500, non of the group members have been able to access it all day, we can access it if we are logged off or use Chrome Incognito …

Our engineering team has made changes to fix the current issue. Please let us know if you encounter this error message in the future.


Please don’t bump bug reports about old resolved platform incidents.

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