Interpolating from one animation(keyframe) to another?

Hey guys, I was curious as to if I can interpolate between one animation to another?

I am making a bunch of sword-swinging animations, and I want it to animate smoothly between one sword swing to the next. So, I decided to just make a bunch of animations that just have the position that the sword is in when it has been swung.

Now I want to make it so that if sword swing 1 has been animated and someone activates the event again, I want it to smoothly go from sword swing 1 to sword swing 2. However, if someone doesn’t activate it, I just want it to return to the sword holding animation. The key is smoothly, I don’t want a bunch of animations that are abrupt.

Right now, I am just making the entire sword swings, from sword holding to swing, back to sword holding. But, I realize that this system is probably more efficient and smoother if I just interpolate between keyframes.

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Yes you can, in fact that’s called procedural animation. To interpolate keyframes you can use tween service which does the CFrame lerping (interpolation) for you. This resource should help:

That uses TweenService to go from CFrame to CFrame. I want to go from keyframe sequence to keyframe sequence(in the animation). Is there a method of doing that?

Hmm, for keyframe sequence to smoothen it out theres a thing called Animation Blending which you can adjust using animation weight and blend two animations together like walking and running:

Maybe this thread can illustrate how it is used:

Another way is to, obtain the CFrames inside the keyframe to tween so you will need to obtain the following:

Or you can obtain the model’s current CFrame then use that to tween to another pose on the keyframe, In short, it’s going to be difficult.

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