Intimidating to learn new stuff when scripting

Hi, this is my first post on the forum! First of all, i’m not Completely new to scripting. I know how to set up remote events I can make a group rank door I can set up a data store and alot of other simple stuff .But when I read on roblox about other things in roblox like raycasting and other stuff i get intimidated , and i just don’t know why.I think the reason is because I don’t know how to use it in my code and stuff like that.If anyone knows a good way of learning new stuff in scripting please tell me.

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One good way of learning script is just to practice and try to make something fun out of the challenge

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The thing with how code works is that it seems extremely complicated, and then you try it and see that it was simple all along.

Its mostly sytnax that’s the hard part, most of it is just self explanitory (except for meta-tables, we don’t talk about those around here…).

I used to think coroutines were difficult, and then I looked into them more and learned that besides some more advanced things like pcalled coroutines, they are pretty straightforward.

I recently made a script using ray tracing (and before I made the script I thought ray tracing was EXTREMELY difficult). It turns out, ray tracing is literally just drawing a line from one thing in a certain direction, and if it hits anything, do something. It was extremely straight forward and the only difficult part about it is remembering all the syntax.

So, moral of the story; if something seems intimidating, just give it a try and you’ll probably find that it’s a lot more straight forward than you think. (except for meta-tables, for the love of god please no).

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Can you give me some ideas on more advanced things to learn please , thanks.

If you’ve already learned more intermediate things like remote events and API usage, than you should start on the more advanced things like Ray Tracing, ViewPorts, math and string functions, and built in functions (things like wait() and instance:GetFullName()).

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Scripting can be really fun once you get into it, I’d personally suggest learning how to do 1 specific thing at a time and mastering and understanding it before trying something else. It really helps once you know all the basics, then you can start making things on your own.

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Whenever I look at something on the Dev forum like Raycasting I don’t understand how to use it in my own scripts. So I just stop working on it.