Into the Wilderness - Alpha Release Notes

Into the Wilderness - Alpha 0.6.1:

Now fully playable on mobile.

  • All features of the game have been fixed to work on phones and tablets!

  • GUIs have been tweaked and controls have been updated to work perfectly on mobile, just like they do on PC.

  • More details in the Tweaks section.

Part of the map has been added.

  • Explore a blocky land reminiscent of brickbattle levels of old. A small part of it, for now.

  • Map building takes time, so it will be added in parts throughout the coming updates.

World gen now respawns structures.

  • Over time, the game will add new trees and rocks to make up for the structures lost by player destruction or falling off the map.


  • You can now drag the team GUI windows around!

  • World gen status is now better displayed.

  • Improved overall stability of crafting and moving parts.

  • World gen is more efficient and reliable.

  • The debug area is now hidden.

  • World gen now prioritizes placing stone on rocky terrain.

  • Increased max tree count from 800 to 1500.

  • Increased max rocks count from 150 to 200.

All mobile tweaks:

  • Punching has been moved from a screen button to simply tapping anywhere on screen, like mouse controls. This means punching works on mobile!

  • Moved the “place part” action to when a click or tap was released, meaning the Move tool now works on mobile. (before the tap to start dragging would end the dragging at the same time)

  • Added screen buttons for rotating and tilting parts when dragging.

  • Removed unnecessary screen buttons for placing and selecting parts when dragging.

  • All screen buttons used in tools on mobile now have text instead of being blank!

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where respawning would cause crafting to break.

  • Fixed an issue with world gen not spawning parts on top of certain terrain.