Intouchable - WonderWork Sound (Cinematic)

Intouchable - WonderWork Sound (Cinematic)

I’ve made this piece recently with the Korg X5 keyboard, this track only includes three instruments from the MASSIVE catalog of sounds on that thing. I hope you enjoy!


@AnimalBot99 @Operatik Could you please give your expertise to this piece here?
I’d love to hear your thoughts and how I may improve.

This reminds me of the Deus Ex soundtrack, in terms of pads:


The way it is mixed right now, it is more colder. And it generally reminds me of the Deus Ex’s(2000) overall genre and style of soundtrack. The genre? I think it is ambient with a touch of world music as a hint. And certainly invokes some tranquility.

I really would like the flute after 0:30 to come forth into the foreground a bit more, achieved by reducing reverb and increasing loudness slighty. Or you can EQ the pads down so you don’t have it consuming the flute.

Protip: When dealing with extremely long ambient pads, try using some automation to volume at the tail, unless you want to keep this ambient pad tail like that(makes it sound unfinished).

There seems to be a cello string idea in 1:00, it could work only if it had more reverb like the pads and if the note was played a bit longer.

I wonder what the first chord was for… Try developing that idea further.

Another idea for those pads is to expand its width from its first notes to the flute part. Start narrow and then open wide.

Those bass kicks really need some presence to make an impact… Maybe boost its EQ mid-low range?

The pads really just play two different chords at once. You can try adding more elements on top to mask this repetition. Also you can cut out the bass(err… sub) a little to make room for the bass drums, if you’d like. Also will remove the muddiness that can be found in this unmixed pad sound I made a while ago.

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Please accept my sincere thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. :star:

I love the really atmospheric sound of the pads, I think it’d be cool if you played around with some more secondary dominant chords to give the piece a really distinct sound.

I agree with Operatik that the piece sounds very ambient in nature with subtle world music infused in. Operatik gave a lot better advice with mixing so everything he said I am a +1 on.

Nice work with the music and I can’t wait to hear what else you make later on :slight_smile: