Intro UI Feedback


Hello developers,

I designed an Intro UI for a game but I would like to get some feedbacks about what improvements I can do for it.

Game takes place in semi-advanced dystopian concept, so I just tryed to make it simple yet sleek.

Image from Gyazo

(Credits for character renders goes to AdalgarKerovech)


Thats amazing, one thing you could change is the characters, they seem a bit stif, you could atleast bend their limbs a fraction of a ammount so it looks smooth and realistic.

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I recommend you embed images instead of adding a link to download it, since a lot of people(including me) don’t really like downloading things to their computer just to see images.

Other than that, the UI is great! I don’t really know any way to improve it.


I think it has a nice clean look to it, everything fits in it’s own place. It looks great