Introduce a dedicated page that explains trade-offs and considerations of Paid Access

Currently there is no Developer Hub page explaining Paid Access and the trade offs that are introduced when using Paid Access, including the following:

  • Paid access games cannot earn Premium Payouts, however you’re still able to see your Premium Payout Score
  • Paid access games cannot have Private Servers
  • Paid access games cannot locked to friends/group members only
  • Paid access games cannot be featured on Xbox
  • Paid access games must be copylocked/disallow copying

Miscellaneous other things to note that came to mind:

  • Users who purchase paid access games will own them forever, even if the price is increased or the item goes off of paid access
  • Could be mentioned that it’s good practice for developers to notify players before they make their game free to play, so players don’t feel cheated if they bought it recently
  • Accounts must to be 30 days old to create a paid access game

A developer hub page has been published!


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