Introducing and looking for feedback on my game: The Graveyard

Hi, I am David and I am an aspiring developer seeking to achieve a more advanced developing skillset through the help of the forums. And I wanted to know how the Developer community feels about this kinda weird game I have made:

In early August of last year, I came up with an extraordinary game idea after a good friend of mine quit ROBLOX.

And that idea is ( you know if you look at the title) a graveyard game. But to help you understand what I mean by this, let me elaborate.

The game in itself is a graveyard where people who have quit ROBLOX get buried and receive a custom made gravestone in order for them to not be forgotten as well as their legacy continuing to live on.

In order for them to not be forgotten and to save the user’s legacy’s I put all kinds of information on their gravestone like:

  • Biography’s about the users
  • Things the users are most well know for like (presumably) games and or groups and what not the user may have created.
  • Trivia about the user
  • The join date and (presumably) quit date of the user
  • A little picture of their avatar.
  • Accomplishments the user has made on their account.
  • RAP
    etc… etc…

All of the information so far is taken from the ROBLOX Wikia, the user’s profile and or messages between me and the user. in order to secure all of the information is correct.

Picture’s of two gravestones.

The game environment is set in a picturesque island :desert_island: landscape with a low volume background audio playing.

Other than that, there is not much to be said about the game. I can imagine that people may find this game concept in a virtual kids sandbox game very weird but I thought it was worth a try to realize it.

I have planned a cool update that should make user communication with myself much easier and I hope this update is soon to be implemented into the game.:grinning: :+1:

So what do you guys think of this game idea? Do you people have any suggestions or maybe things I should not do?

I look forward to all your responses.

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