Introducing Asynchronous Publishing for Places (Non-Team Create)

This is really cool, no longer will have to stress if I saved my progress or not when I close studio :joy:

If you make changes to the game while the publishing is running, will that change reflect onto the publish (assuming that the changes are made immediately after pressing publish) or will it only publish what is seen prior to pressing the publish button?

Ok, as i understand, now you can like, move when the place is saving. My question is if that will be set as default or we must find it at settings

I don’t think auto-saving should be a thing anyways. Seems like it can open up a whole can of worms.

Saving and Publishing should be done only by the developer - not an automatic system.

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No complaints. Just a generally great update. Anything that gets rid of blocking behavior is good to me!

I’m not happy with this. :neutral_face:

Last night i opened a place to make some changes but halfway trough i decided to leave everything as it was and closed Studio without saving anything, i did not know this feature was enabled and so the non final changes i made to those scripts were uploaded as well and broke parts of my game.

The concept is cool but don’t enable it by default or at least warn the user that this change is in effect.

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I agree with this. Publishing to the server can use a lot of data resources and to some people that may be important. Autosaves should be local.

Edit: by ‘data resources’, I mean paid-for data per month based on how much you use. Think of a phone plan but wifi. Some people have those plans and it would cost a lot of money to use studio in that scenario.


Ok so since Asynchronous Publishing was released, i have been having problems with roblox crashing while i’m saving and quitting studio sometimes, so i have to go into my auto recovery file and return to studio and upload my progress into studio. Sometimes it also takes more then one try to save as well, and i get a ‘failed to save, try again later’ message. This update is creating more pain then good, i never had issues saving and leaving studio as often as i do now.

A quick update, this is the third crash while i was saving this week, even when i use file, publish to roblox, it sits not responding for a moment as usual, then it crashes, nothing gets published.

Verry helpfull for devolepes its be amazing like for me

Maybe a little visual feedback when you initially click the button might be good to add; e.g. displaying “Publishing to Roblox…” in the status bar, or printing to the output?


I like the idea of showing it in the status bar or output. Creating an error window to notify the user they’re publishing would be better imo